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Temptooth Review – The Good and the Bad

Temptooth Review – The Good and the Bad

temptoothThere is nothing worse than losing a tooth.  More often than not, a sudden dental emergency will take weeks, if not months to be addressed.  This leaves many having a gap in their smile with nothing to do but wait.  The Temptooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Product by Temptooth attempts to address this problem with the #1 tooth replacement seller on the market.

Temptooth Specifications

Temptooth is a do-it-yourself tooth replacement product that acts as a temporary solution that will allow you an unbroken smile again.  Carefully designed and FDA approved, the Temptooth is made with a non-toxic material that has been tested safe for use.  It includes enough to replace up to 10 teeth temporarily.  Easy for you to shape, place, and remove, the Temptooth gives you the freedom to continue about your daily business with the smile you want while waiting for the dental work you need.  Along with a 3D video demonstration, you also get a step-by-step instructional guide showing how to insert the temporary teeth into your mouth.  At 3.8 by 2.8 by 1.5 inches in size, the box weighs .2 ounces when shipped.

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The Pros of using Temptooth

Simply put, the Temptooth temporary tooth gets the job done.  It provides a temporary tooth when you need it the most.  Temptooth allows you to hold off when you get your tooth replaced allowing for more flexibility in which you choose with more time to find an affordable rate that works for you.  You get an easy to use product that is long lasting and takes on a few minutes to shape into the size and form you need.  More than anything else, the natural color of the temporary teeth allows your smile to continue flawlessly.

The Cons of using Temptooth

If you have never replaced a tooth before, then it may take you a little while to figure out how to shape and place the tooth.  While the instructions provide you with a guide of how to proceed, it may still take a little trial and error to get right.  Another con of using Temptooth is that the product is only designed to be temporary.  While it may restore your smile for the moment, you will still have to see a dentist for a more permanent and expensive solution to the problem.

Customer Opinions

The majority of individuals who used the Temptooth found that it worked well for their needs.  An important point that came up frequently was the need to let it harden in place.  Instead of making it and then setting it, people found that it was easier to set it and then craft it into the correct shape.  This way, there was less warping and damage during the hardening process.

While the majority of reviews were positive, there were a few negative reviews.  The most frequent criticism to come up was how challenging it was to shape the tooth.  The overwhelming conclusion was that it might take a few attempts to get it the way you want.  A few individuals ended up receiving defects with their products but it was corrected after notifying the maker.


All things considered, Temptooth provides an immensely practical benefit.  If you are missing a tooth and need a quick solution while you wait for the dentist, then Temptooth is the perfect thing for you.  While molding and placing the tooth may require a little bit of practice, you receive more than enough in the box to mess up a few times and still have a lot of extras.  To the point, the fact that the temporary tooth hardens means that you will have a practical short-term solution to an annoying problem.  If you are in need, the Temptooth is definitely worth buying. We hope our Temptooth review helps your buying decision

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