Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder Review

Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder is the creation of the acclaimed company Church and Dwight. This adhesive is one of the very finest in quality on the market today. Scientific studies and clinically tested, Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder is a very impressive product. It offers a very strong hold and gives dentures a very stable base to rest on.

This adhesive is very easy to apply and it only takes a very small amount of powder to be applied between the dentures and your gums. It’s quite expensive in comparison to other denture adhesives. While some consumers believe this price is out of the ballpark, others believe the price is worth it!

Check Price and Read Customer Reviews for Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder.

The Features:

  • Rigident Denture Adhesive is in a powder form.
  • It has been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).
  • Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder has been clinically tested for productiveness and passed.
  • It offers a very strong hold on dentures and remains for a long period of time beyond one day.
  • The adhesive formula is very unique.
  • Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder is packaged in an attractive, sturdy blue bottle and white cap with a narrow opening for easy use.

The Benefits:

  • The adhesive is a leader in the industry due to exceptional quality, good manufacturing and top grade ingredients.
  • The quantity in each bottle will last for a very long period of time and will not fade toward the end of the day.
  • The narrow opening makes it easy to remove the powder and closing the top so it’s airtight.
  • Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder offers the very best and strongest bond for dentures over your gums and will last more than one day.
  • The powder has no toxic materials such as zinc or metallic particles and is never sticky.

Check Price and Read Customer Reviews for Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder.


  • Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder has enjoyed a very strong reputation for many years and offers one of the very best adhesion of any product on the market.
  • The powder is not sticky once applied and will not leave any bad taste in your mouth.
  • The adhesive does not lessen over the course of the day.


  • You can only purchase this adhesive on the internet. You probably will not be able to find it in a brick and mortar store at this time.
  • It’s price tag is a little over the top for some consumers who will look for something a little more realistic for their pocket books.

The Specifications:

  • The blue bottles weight 3 oz each

In Conclusion:

It can be difficult to purchase Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder in the market place because purchasing it online is the option at this particular time. The price can leave quite a few people looking for alternatives that aren’t this expensive. If price is not an issue for you, give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised at the quality and value of the denture adhesive.

Some consumers believe the price is worth it due to easy application, excellent ingredients, superb holding abilities and no after taste remaining in their mouths after application.