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Best Lower Denture Adhesive: 2021

Best Lower Denture Adhesive: 2021

Dental plates could be full sets, partials or simply a lower set or an upper set. Each of these types of dental plates fit into your mouth differently. For instance, upper dentures must work against gravity more than a lower will. So it’s wise to have denture adhesives that work on the specific variations of the type of dentures you wear.

About Lower Dentures

Lower dentures have a tendency to fit in a complete different way than upper dentures do as stated above. One reason why is your lips, your tongue as well as cheek muscles can certainly dislodge lowers. To be able to keep them in place, you’ve got to train your facial muscles and tongue to not mess along with your dentures. Also dentures can fit improperly because the lower jaw has a tendency to recede faster, producing a ridge that is smaller than upper dentures have. This shrinking signifies the lowers will have less suction and food can get trapped beneath the the dental plates.

Poor fitting dentures may even cause pain in your ears, as well as, mouth and gum sores, headaches and embarrassment. A poor fitting denture cannot be repaired with adhesive. It’s important to visit your dentist regularly for corrections and alignments.

Review of Lower Denture Adhesives

In order to see why it’s important to have a good adhesive to keep your lower dentures in position, I’ve reviewed three of the best lower denture adhesive that I consider are the most effective adhesive to utilize on your lowers, regardless if it is total or partial plate.

Secure Denture Cream Review

Secure Denture Cream
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Secure Denture Cream comes in a form that has no flavor and is watertight. It will not dissolve in water, leaving that last 12 hours are held by a company. Secure forms a seal between gum-line and your lowers that locks folds out and stops the dentures from slipping. This helps halt gum irritation and sores from forming. It’s long lasting maintain and flavorless paste makes this ideal for lower denture users.

Zinc-free, Flavorless, Waterproof, Works on lowers and uppers, Creates tight seal.

Don’t use if you’ve got irritated gums or sores; some consumers have stated this brand causes more irritation and burning if applied when you have mouth sores.

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Ezo Denture Cushion Review

Ezo Denture Cushions
Ezo Denture Cushions

The adhesive pad of Ezo Denture Cushions are made from corn oil, paraffin wax and pure cotton to give a secure, cushiony hold between your gum line and your dental plates. It has a strong-hold and locks food particles out. There’s no mess, it has no taste and cleanup is a breeze. Lots of people would rather have a cushion pad over a gloppy mess.

Contains no Zinc (Zinc may be dangerous in large doses), Odorless, Easy to use stick on adhesive, Vacuum grip.

In case you lower is small; you may need to cut the pad to size which could potentially create a fitting issue.

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SeaBond Denture Adhesive Review

Seabond Denture Adhesive Wafers
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The customers of SeaBond Denture Adhesive Wafers have provided great evaluations on the product for years. These pads have a soft, cushiony hold that last an entire day. It keeps out food particles and limits friction, which contributes to healthier and better feeling gums. The SeaBond adhesive wafer pad is put on the very top of your lower denture and then you simply need to apply a little pressure to seal it to your gums. These products are made specifically to fit your lowers.

Zinc-free, Comfy, simple to use adhesive pad, Helps with bad breath, Snug, secure seal

May need to cut to size

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Final Wrap-up

All three of these brands come highly recommended by consumers and dentists alike. At Denture Adhesive Reviews, we prefer the SeaBond because of the Destyn dots and its own natural, cozy feel. If you’re in the marketplace for denture adhesives any of these above three are worth looking at yourself. Adhesives are really based on needs and your own personal tastes. If you have any comments or would like to add to our discussion, please use the form below. Thanks!


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