Polident Coupon and Super Poligrip Review

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive

Poligrip has been around for a very long time offering strong bonding of dentures and giving consumers a great deal of confidence. Poligrip Denture Zinc Free Dental Adhesive has absolutely no zinc, or other metals, in the ingredients and offers a strong hold on your gums for a complete day. Poligrip Denture Zinc Free Dental Adhesive is an extremely comfortable application while never leaking like some other adhesives. Its tube is perfectly shaped so you can easily apply directly to the needed area, making this a perfect solution for application inside an oral cavity.

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The Features:

  • This is a zinc free adhesive for denture security, offering consumers a great deal of confidence when it comes to their overall health.
  • The formula contains a super grip that holds dentures in place with one application and will last throughout the entire day.
  • This Poligrip zinc-free adhesive has a great tube design with an ooze-free control tip.
  • The adhesive is a creamy consistency and has no color or flavor additives in it.

The Benefits:

  • Due to the absence of any metal residues, this adhesive is completely safe to use and is an excellent healthy choice.
  • This Poligrip product forms a strong seal between the gums and dentures allowing you to eat your favorite foods while blocking any particles from becoming embedded between the two. This in turn, prevents the risk of future gum and tooth infections.
  • Poligrip Denture Zinc-Free Adhesive’s packaging makes this product leakage proof.
  • Due to the small opening in the nozzle tip it is so easy to use and will not become messy.
  • This adhesive is so soft upon application and feels just like a second skin, you will be comfortable all day long.

Check Price and Read Customer Reviews for Super Poligrip.


The product’s thick formula will not alter the taste of your food or leave any added flavors in your mouth like some flavored adhesives. Your dentures will fit so well on your gums that you will feel your dentures have been tailored made for you.


If your actual dentures are not of good quality, the adhesive properties can start to wear off toward the end of the day. Some consumers feel the product is a little more pricey than they really wish to pay on a regular basis. That said, the price is weighed by the exceptional quality of the product, so you have to choose whether you want quality and comfort or cheap and a little uncomfortable.

The Specifications:

  • Poligrip Denture Zinc Free Dental Adhesive comes in a package of four.
  • Each tube weighs 2.4 oz


Poligrip has been around for a very long time and the quality of the product is the reason why. This is a marvelous product that offers you the choice of any of your favorite foods both soft or hard. You will move on with your life and not spend it wondering if your dentures are going to embarrass you. Your confidence is going to soar when you realize what an amazing product this really is.

If you are health conscientious, you will appreciate the lack of dangerous ingredients such as zinc and other metallic materials.

Anyone should give Poligrip Denture Zinc Free Dental Adhesive a try and decide for yourself whether it’s worth the price or not. You will be quite impressed with the quality of this adhesive and will have a difficult time finding fault in it or its price tag.

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