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Best Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner Reviews 2021

So you have your dentures, and have figured out how to make them stick with denture adhesives. The next step is going to be hygiene and keeping them clean. Keeping care of dentures can be a bit more tricky so it pays to have a good product to help with that process. An ultrasonic denture cleaner will help a lot with that problem.

Using these cleaners make it much easier to get rid of stray debris that is stuck in your teeth, out of reach of a normal toothbrush. This is great for those of you who don’t life flossing. While it isn’t a complete replacement it does come close to what a good flossing does. It can reduce the time it takes down to a couple minutes to get a thorough cleaning done.

Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner Buying Guide

So you want to buy a cleaner for yourself. Where do you start though? We have gone through and picked out a few of our favorite products. All of them are good choices. The chart below lists those favorites with the top one at the top. Check them out.

ProductCleaning CyclePrice

Sonic F3900
5 minutesSee Price On Amazon.com

DB-Tech Sonic Sanitize Professional
3 minutesSee Price on Amazon.com

DTMCare Denture
5 minutesSee Price on Amazon.com

Violight UV Dental Spa
5 minutesSee Price on Amazon.com

Denture Cleaners Overview

Below you will find a brief overview of each product. We go over a few of the key features of each product and will cover some of the drawbacks of each one.

iSonic F3900

The F3900 from iSonic is our top pick for denture cleaners. It has the most reviews and seems to have the best reviews of all of it’s competitors out there. It is specially designed for dentures unlike some of the other cleaners out there so you can be sure that this will get the job done well. It is a very compact model so you will be able to store it in any location easily and has a built in timer which will turn the machine off after the 5 minute cleaning cycle.

Unlike some of the other product this cleaner actually uses sound waves to target some of the hard to reach spot in your dentures. This makes it very effective for getting those spots which can be hard to reach with floss or water alone. Check it out – the reviews speak for themselves.

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DB-Tech Sonic Sanitize Professional

The DB-Tech cleaner is our next choice for ultrasonic cleaning products. One of the perks of this product is the clean time. For those people who are really in a hurry, you will get your dentures cleaned in only 3 minutes with this one. Most other products take 5 minutes to complete.

The unit suggest using the Polident cleaner with it and comes with a decent supply of it. It uses scrubbers to get the job done and it does a good job. We don’t think it gets quite as into the nooks and crannies as the iSonic, but this still does a very good job if this is what you are looking for.

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DTMCare Denture

Our next pick is the DTMCare. It is a little pricier than the other models, so this moved down on our list some because of that. There is an interesting twist to this one though – it uses UV to clean. The ultrasonic vibrations work great to get into hard to reach places to make your false teeth perfectly clean.

While some other cleaners require a cleaning solutions to work, you just need tap water with this one. Because of this you can save a bit of money since you don’t have to replace any cleaning solution after using this one. It comes with the standard automatic off feature as other cleaners and acts as a great choice for anyone wanting a hygienic mouth.

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Violight UV Dental Spa

Continuing down the line of cleaners that use IV, we have the Violight cleaner next. It is the most expensive of the bunch, but appears to get the job done on another level. It will also use tap water which removes the need of any chemical cleaners. If you have a thing about that, then a UV cleaner like this may be the way to go.

A big problem with this one though is the noise. To do a good job it will make more noise than the other products. It will also take up more space than it’s counterparts. There is more working here than other products. Despite this, we still think it is a good choice and well worth checking out.

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There aren’t too many ultrasonic products out there specifically designed for dentures, but we think we found the best ones out there. Take some time and read some of the Amazon reviews too when making your choice. With all of this information you shouldn’t have too hard of a time making the right choice for yourself.