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How to Apply Denture Cream

How to Apply Denture Cream

People who wear dentures have to fit their dentures in place using adhesives. Loose dentures can be uncomfortable to the wearer because a person cannot eat appropriately, chew food with ease or speak without the fear of the dentures falling. Dentures can fall off even in the most unlikely places and cause immense embarrassment. Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter adhesives to solve this problem. The challenge is how to apply them appropriately.

Notably, there are two types of denture adhesives available in the market. There is the paste, cream and gel adhesives, which you gently squeeze on the fitting surface of the dentures. In addition, there is the powder and wafer adhesives. This type of adhesive is suitable for people who have sensitive gums and do have allergic reaction to the gel and cream adhesives.

How to Apply Denture Cream on Your Dentures

Firstly, clean your dentures before applying the adhesive. It is important to note that it is advisable to use effervescent denture cleaning to clean your dentures. Alternatively, you can soak them in white vinegar in order to eliminate the plaque. Thereafter, rinse the dentures and dry them. Once you have clean and dry dentures, you can proceed to the next step.

Secondly, apply the adhesive on the fitting surface of your dentures. Follow the instructions on the label of the adhesive when applying the adhesive. Most importantly, if you have teeth, you should brush them first before fitting the dentures.

Thirdly, fit the dentures in your mouth and take a firm bite for about 3-5 seconds to ensure the dentures fit snugly in your gums. If you are certain that they fit, ensure that the adhesive does not seep into your mouth because it can cause discomfort.

How to Apply Powder Adhesive on Your Dentures

Application of powder differs slightly from the paste adhesive application. You should follow the above-mentioned dentures cleaning procedure. However, in this case, do not dry the dentures because you require the moisture to make them stick in your gums. Notably, you should sprinkle the power on the moist fitting surface and then fit the dentures in your mouth. The main advantage of powder adhesive is that no excess adhesive seeps into your mouth. Take 5 seconds bite to fit them properly.

When applying a wafer adhesive, you should slice the wafer into thin strips, according to the shape of your dentures. The wafers creates a seal, which prevents seepage of adhesive into the mouth. Notably, wafers are perfect for people with flat or narrow jaws.

Ultimately. You should take care of your dentures by cleaning the plaque and tartar because they can impede the adhesive application on the dentures. Proper application of adhesives will help you avoid a dry mouth and other challenges that stem from poor application of denture adhesives.


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