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Finding the Best False Teeth Glue

Finding the Best False Teeth Glue

Fake teeth, also referred to as dentures, synthetic teeth, or dental plates generally will require a dental glue in an effort to hold them firmly in the mouth. A brand new pair of fake teeth, if prepared precisely, may not need an adhesive at all since they will fit snugly. Nevertheless, over time the gums inside your mouth might recede which will reduce the suction between your gums and your false teeth making them loose in your mouth. A good dental glue will help your now ill-fitting dentures stay in place and keep food particles from becoming trapped under your dentures which can cause discomfort.

Determining the Best False Teeth Glue and Adhesive

There are numerous different types of dental adhesives you can purchase online and in stores. You will find three different types of denture adhesive in your search: powder, creams and strips; what’s best for you is a personal choice and something you will want to experiment on so you can get the proper fit for your exact situation. A lot of false teeth glue uses zinc to gain a stronger hold; while these products are good and safe to use, you will want to make sure you don’t ingest zinc in an excessive amount since zinc accumulation may be harmful to your health. With all these various brands how would you begin choosing the best product for you? Trial and error. You need an adhesive that has a powerful hold, no flavor (or a flavor you like) and is not difficult to clear away from your dentures when you clean up. So, as you can see, some people like a minty flavor and some prefer none at all. It’s all up to your personal preferences, and we recommend you try multiple products to find the one that exactly right for you.

Review Of Best False Teeth Adhesives

At Denture Adhesive Reviews, we’ve discovered three different types of dental adhesives that stood out there above the remainder of the available products on the market. We chose one that was a powder, one cream, and strip brand to give you multiple options to choose from. Remember, look for denture adhesive samples and always try out many options as one may work better for your specific situation than another.

Adhesive Strips

Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Strips Review

Seabond Denture Adhesive Wafers
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Sea Bond strips are incredible. If you hate powders or pastes this may be your favorite selection. It’s a simple as sticking the strip to your dental apparatus and tightly set your dentures in place. Sea Bond has a natural, soft-feel that your gums will appreciate and provides a strong seal to lock food out. These dental strips will help cushion your gums eliminating and friction between your plate and gums.

Zinc-free, Easy clean no oozy or stick mess, Soft and natural feeling

You may need to cut the strips to fit properly

See Best Pricing for SeaBond Adhsive Strips at Amazon.com


Fixodent Denture Adhesive Powder

Fixodent Powder

Because they assume powder adhesives may be a little challenging to utilize many people choose never to have powder adhesives. Nevertheless, the procedure requires no time at all and is quite basic! You simple wash your dentures off. Subsequently while your false teeth remain not dry you employ a skinny masking of dust. Make sure you shake off any excess dust. Lastly securely put in position. Fixodent offers a long throughout the day, lasting hold. A company seal that reduces friction is formed by it. Fixodent Powder locks food which could cause gum irritation out. Keep in mind that Fixodent dust does include zinc. If you suddenly eat to much zinc it might bad for you.

#1 Dentist Recommended, Simple to apply, No types that are added, Throughout the day strong hold, Forms a seal that locks out food, Satisfaction Guaranteed or Cash Back Policy

Includes Zinc

See Best Pricing for Fixodent Denture Adhesive Powder at Amazon.com


Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Cream Review

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive
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The product is for you if you prefer never to have any types of artificial color or flavoring. It’s essentially tasteless. Super Poligrip will last throughout the day with a safe and powerful connection between your teeth and gums. The product does a great job of locking out food and can help eliminate friction between your dentures and gums. This product does not contain zine, so there is no-risk of zinc saturation. This product also features an ooze control applicator so when you’re applying this cream to your false teeth you can do so with confidence you will not over apply the product.

Zinc-free, Flavorless, All day hold, Helps reduce irritation of the gums, No artificial colors

Some buyers have mentioned hours to this system solely, not 24 hours

See Best Pricing for Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Cream at Amazon.com

Final Wrap-up

Fake teeth can be a really personal topic for many and as all personal issues go, determining the best false teeth adhesive for you is an even more personal choice. All three of the products mentioned above come strongly suggested by clients who use these products over a daily schedule. Each brand has its benefits and drawbacks; but what’s most important is what works for you. If we needed to pick only one of the denture products mentioned, we would probably lean towards the SeaBond. You won’t find any chemicals and it supplies a wonderful cushion between the gum line and your dentures. But our suggestion is to try each of the products above before making a committed decision so you can experience the differences for yourself, since all of the products are good but differ for each situation.


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