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Benefits of Denture Adhesives

Benefits of Denture Adhesives

Our teeth usually grow weaker as we age. This results in a situation where older people have their teeth removed for health purposes. These people get artificial teeth in the form of dentures. Dentures are artificially designed teeth to perform the same functions as normal teeth. However, these are not permanently fixed to the gum, and with time may become loose. Food particles that make their way in between the dentures and the gum surface they rest on can also become irritating. Loose dentures are fairly irritating as they may slip out of position while eating or talking. This can be quite embarrassing especially when it happens in public.

Denture adhesives are used to ensure that the dentures stay in position by providing an adhesive force between the dentures and the gum surface they usually rest on top of. The dentures are also essential in ensuring that the users enjoy comfortable use of the dentures at all times. Denture adhesives are usually applied on the dentures and act as an adhesive between the dentures and the surface they rest on. These adhesives usually come in the form of powders or adhesive pastes. The use of these adhesives depends on the directions of use; however most of the adhesives are usually used regularly for the best effect.

Main Benefits of Denture Adhesives

Prevent Slippage

As previously stated, dentures usually start to slip out of position as the gum changes shape with time. This can be embarrassing and irritating as well. Using dentures adhesives eliminates this slippage by acting as an adhesive between the dentures and the gum surface. This adhesive force holds the dentures in place and eliminates regular slippage. People using dentures can now remain confident when in public eating or talking.

Enhanced Comfort

Dentures are made of a hard, rigid material that can be hard on the gums especially when chewing on hard food items. Denture adhesives as designed to also act as a cushion between the hard dentures and the soft gum tissue. This makes easier to chew on hard foods without suffering from gum irritation. Since the adhesive usually seals the gap between the gum and dentures, food particles cannot make their way to the gap and irritate the gum.

Denture adhesives usually come in a wide variety. It is recommended that buyers try out some of the available options so as to find the perfect fit. It may also be worthwhile to look at some customer reviews so as to have an idea of what to expect. It is also worth noting that some adhesives use zinc as one of the main ingredients. Long term use of such products poses the risk of zinc poisoning.


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